Secret Photos for Android

Hide photos and videos and protect your privacy from curious eyes!


Secret Photos for AndroidDo you want an app to hide and encrypt photos and videos on your Android device?
Do you want to make your media secret and prevent other curious and indiscreet people from seeing them?
Do you want to protect your privacy, your memories and the most important experiences?

Now you can! FREE!

Secret Photos is your virtual and safe container to protect photos and videos, and will allow you to hide your media protecting them with a password or fingerprint (for Android devices that support it).

Your public gallery remains visible for friends, family, colleagues and/or any person authorized to use your smartphone or tablet. But photos and videos imported into Secret Photos will be protected and you will be the only user that can see them.

Encrypt your photos and videos using the powerful AES encryption algorithm certified and used worldwide by banks and governments.

With Secret Photos you can:
✔ import your photos and videos directly from the camera, or from your image gallery;
✔ hide and encode your photos using certified AES encryption;
✔ access your media by entering a password chosen by you;
✔ if your device supports it, access your files with your fingerprint;
✔ organize your media in albums, based on your preferences and needs;
✔ create new albums and modify or delete existing ones (for example, by grouping pictures and videos of your family, your friends, secret documents, etc.);
✔ browse your media, sort them by date or by name and view them in grid or list mode, according to your preferences;
✔ export and / or share only the photos and videos you want.

What are you waiting for? Download Secret Photos for free now!

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Why is Secret Photos different?
✔ Unlike other apps, Secret Photos does not need an Internet connection to work! And doesn’t use external services (example, cloud services) that can be a problem for your privacy!
✔ Your photos and videos will only be saved and encrypted on your device!
✔ In addition, for each photo or video imported into Secret Photos a different encryption key is used, generated dynamically when added to the safe. All this for your maximum security. In fact, this way, even if someone manages to extract your data from your device by unconventional means, will not be able to view your photos.

Secret Photos supports the use of the SD card, very useful when the internal memory of your device is full.

Many languages are supported: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (many other languages are coming…)

★★★ PRO functionality: ★★★
Ask more about Secret Photos! Get PRO features!
✔ Backup and Restore functions (full encoded backups of your photos and videos, for maximum security of your archives and to copy your photos and videos from one device to another, quickly and effectively);
✔ Fake container with fake password (useful in case someone forces you to open your safe container. You can type in an alternative password, accessing a second false container, where you can save more photos. This way, nobody will know you have another safe)

What are you waiting for? Download Secret Photos now!
And protect your privacy!

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