Secret Photos is available on Google Play

Secret Photos is available on Google Play

After several months of development, we are very happy to announce Secret Photos for Android!

What is Secret Photos?

Secret Photos is your virtual and safe container to protect photos and videos, and will allow you to hide your media protecting them with a password or fingerprint (for Android devices that support it).

Your public gallery remains visible for friends, family, colleagues and/or any person authorized to use your smartphone or tablet. But photos and videos imported into Secret Photos will be protected and you will be the only user that can see them.

Encrypt your photos and videos using the powerful AES encryption algorithm certified and used worldwide by banks and governments.

Do you want an app to hide and encrypt photos and videos on your Android device?
Do you want to make your media secret and prevent other curious and indiscreet people from seeing them?
Do you want to protect your privacy, your memories and the most important experiences?

Well, this is the right app for you!

Get Secret Photos, on Google Play!

Get Secret Photos for Android from Google Play


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